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Work shops are held 3 times a year and with a range of topics

-The Art of cutting and arranging flowers - Spring

- Gardening and Growing for beginners - Early Autumn

- Growing, Harvest & creating with dried flowers - Early Autumn

Workshops are small, relaxed and lots of fun. They are a wonderful way to meet liked minded flower lovers and gain new skills. There is always morning tea, often with delicious baking from Natasha at Baked and Raised.

Small private workshops are welcome and can be tailored to suit your interests

Prices range depending on what activities we get up to and what supplies will be given to attendees e.g floral snips, flowers, food, drink, vases, seeds, dried flowers, wreath bases etc

$65 - $160 per person

Maximum group size is 7


Workshops are often held at short notice due to watching the weather and working around the wedding season. Dates and Times are posted on social media  

RF mushroom on clear.png

Photography and Videography by Kimberley Cheyne Photography 

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